Medal Mounting & Replica Medals


There are two recognized methods in which your medals can be mounted. 

Court MountingCourt-mounting

Is the method of mounting for current serving members. 
It is also used at the discretion of the client. 
The advantage of court mounting is there is less wear & tear of your medals. 

Swing MountingSwing Mounting

Is the older more traditional style of mounting medals.
This method was most commonly used in WW1 & WW2. 
The medals are free swinging. 

(Medal groups larger than 7 are not recommended to be swing-mounted therefore must be court mounted).


Replica Medals

Replica MedalsAll replica medals are of the highest standard and are available in both full-size and miniature.

They are available to current serving members who wish to keep their originals intact.

Replica medals can be worn by current serving members during formal military parades and functions and family members are also entitled to wear replica medals to honour their family heritage. 

Replica medals can be engraved for authenticity.


Ribbon Bars

Ribbon BarsRibbon Bars and Citations are available upon request.